Friday, December 19, 2008

FFQF: George Washington on Moral Authority

This blog post has moved! It's now on my own website, here:

FFQF: George Washington on Moral Authority


Mrs. Mecomber said...

You're right. Washington said it all. Now if only people would listen. lol.

I did my FFQF today, too!

akaGaGa said...

He did say it all, Herky, a very long time ago. Truth is truth, no matter when it's stated. Too bad people still don't want to hear it.

Hercules Mulligan said...

Thank you all for reading and leaving your comments!

Mrs. M, I am half-laughing over here.

Jean, I'm so glad you could stop by and read. Yes, it is too bad. But what a relief we have that we wait for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. We don't need to spend our lives in the futile task of "making the world a better place" or creating a paradise here. What we Christians should have done was to be responsible with the blessings that were passed down to us by Washington and others.

But man's definition of paradise is to reap benefits and blessings without doing the hard work of tilling and sowing the right seed. And man has been long engaged in that futile effort, to create an earthly utopia, ever since the Fall. America's demise is just one more example of the many, of how that attempt JUST DOESN'T WORK.

Anyway. You have a way of getting me to think and rant on. :)

Happy FFQF to all! Stay warm!