Friday, December 5, 2008

FFQF: Alexander Hamilton on Moral Authority

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FFQF: Alexander Hamilton on Moral Authority


Mrs. Mecomber said...

"the terrors of despotism" eeeee, makes me shudder. Why oh why has our country forsaken it's moorings?! :(

Good post. Yep, I figured you'd quote Hamilton. :D

Cato said...

Very good article. I went with Noah Webster today, another very outspoken chap.

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hello everyone. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments!

Yeah, Mrs. M. The phrase makes me shiver too. But I guess the reason that our nation has left safe harbor in our foundations is manifold. Part of it has to do with ignorance, and on the other end it has to do with an opportunity to gain power. And then there is the fact that man has always been in search of utopia -- to enjoy all the fruits of labor and responsibility, without laboring and being responsible. And when they realize that they must choose between liberty and luxury, and that they can't choose both, they would choose luxury and comfort. So, if you've ever wondered why liberty is so rare a thing in the world, that's a big reason why.

Cato, your quotes from Webster are fantastic. And yes, he was very outspoken. :D

Thanks to all again. Happy FFQF!

akaGaGa said...

This is a great post, Herky, and I concur with Mrs. M.'s response.

"Part of it has to do with ignorance, and on the other end it has to do with an opportunity to gain power."

I agree with this, but I think these are symptoms, rather than the root cause. The root cause, I believe, goes back to the garden of Eden. In the final analysis, man does not want to submit to God. Man wants to be in charge of his own life, and then of everybody else's. If we submit to God and the guiding of the Holy Spirit, then the symptoms are eventually eliminated from our lives. If we don't submit, then the symptoms just get worse. Obviously, America is no longer a nation in submission, and the fruits of this are evident.

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hi Jean! Glad you had a change to come over and read!

I know that these are all symptoms all trace themselves to the root cause of the Fall. It's kind of the same idea I was talking about in my previous -- man doesn't want to responsible for the things he does, but he wants to only reap the good things. And yes, responsibility involves submission to God.

But it's this irrational attitude that has come from the Fall. For this reason, the Founders knew that our republic was not inherently eternal. They knew that it would fall sometime, because liberty and responsibility are not inherent in human nature. If they were, we would see more of it in history; but we don't.

Thanks so much for leaving your comment and taking the time to share your insight.

Happy FFQF!