Friday, February 13, 2009

FFQF: The Bill of Rights -- First Amendment

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FFQF: The Bill of Rights -- First Amendment


Cato said...

Excellent. Just, excellent. You have summarized the modern interpretation of the First Amendment very well.

akaGaGa said...

Woohoo, Herky, we're all in ranting mode today, aren't we?

I, too, like your new first amendment, but I would make one small change. Where you've said "may in any way sanction or express the Christian religion exclusively" I would change "exclusively" to "at all."

BTW, are you going to write a whole new Bill of Rights for 2009? I'd like to see that. :)

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hello all. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments.

Thanks Cato and Jean. But I guess the government has been making it rather easy to read their mind, these days. At least to some degree.

Jean, that is probably a good change to make. I did consider that, but I guess that it is somewhat tolerated still, JUST SO LONG as it is put on an equal level with pagan religions. If you noticed, not even Rick Warren mentioned Jesus exclusively when he said whom he was going to pray to -- he had to mention the Jewish and Arabic translations of the name too -- hint, hint.

So, Warren could say "Jesus," but if he didn't go out of his way to be "inclusive," he would have gotten slammed.

There are many other such examples.

As for writing the Bill of Rights for 2009 -- wowee. I'll think about it. You may have noticed that I usually do not get so sarcastic on my blogs, but my "modern 1st Amendment" alone gave me the fit.

I think I'll have to do the Bill of Rights 2009 ed. on a very, VERY, cold day. :s

Thanks again for commenting.

Happy FFQF!

akaGaGa said...

I had indeed noticed your previous lack of sarcasm, Herky, unlike Cato and me. It's nice to see that you're human. :)

As for the inclusive garbage, I say this: if it's inclusive Christianity, it's not Christianity. [See 1st Commandment.]

FYI, Warren's Isa is NOT an Arabic translation of Jesus, as he would have us think. Isa is a Muslim prophet, and found only in the Koran. Here's the link:

Boy, this was energizing today, eh?

Hercules Mulligan said...

I agree that "inclusive Christianity" is not Christianity at all. You can't mix dirt with water and still have water.

What I was referring to initially was inclusive expression. If anything Christian is present, something of another religion, including secular humanism, must also come beside it, so that Christianity is debased to an equal level. For instance, town boards will forbid people to place ONLY nativity scenes on their public lot during Christmas time; they can only do so if Santa or a Jewish lamp stand is nearby. Stuff like that.

I didn't know that about the name 'Isa.' Thanks for filling me in! I guess Warren in not the only person who needs to brush up on his languages!

Yes, it was an energizing FFQF!

Mike B said...

Interesting entry, and one that I can, in today's world, agree wholeheartedly with I recently stumbled across your blog, and enjoyed your perspective - which again, I think, is right on the mark. I listed you under 'my blog list' on one of my blogs, hoping to gain you greater exposure. Your view needs to be broadcast! I agree with the hope you'll work on all of the Bill of rights in 2009. Maybe a trip to northern Alaska might provide you with the 'very cold day' you need....
Thanks again for a great post.

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hello Mike B. Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for reading and leaving your comment. I'm honored at your kind words. Thanks for linking here!

I promise to plan on writing the 2009 edition of the Bill of Rights. But be forewarned -- it will probably contain a touch of NY sarcasm. And most of the rights listed will be the rights of the government, not the rights of the people. I think that's what it has become.

And while I'm at it, I'll think about venturing up to Alaska. :)

Thanks again for leaving your comment; it led me to your fabulous history blogs! I will link back to them on this one, and I promise to visit them often.

Thanks again.

Best regards.

J. P. Schilling said...


Magnificent article! I seriously doubt if there is a 'God-fearing' Christian out there who wouldn't readily agree with you. I sure do!

I really enjoyed the 'shoot from the hip' style of your writing in this post; moreover, I really respect and admire how well you tactfully state how our own government is viewing religious freedom.

I also loved the comment that Mike B. left for you. Just another one of us who get blown-away by your site and your candor.

Lastly, the quote from Rev. Witherspoon, "...the nation that willfully forgets God, will eat the fruit of its own folly and destruction" is so appropriate right now. Cheers mate!

Keep up the awesome work!