Thursday, July 31, 2008

Founding Father's Quote Friday: John Adams

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Founding Father's Quote Friday: John Adams


Our Founding Truth said...

Hey Herc,

You were right, nice pic of Adams, one of my favorites. Have you read that quote by Adams saying he would have left Hamilton as head of the Army with Clinton or Pinckney his junior?

If that would have happened, they could have mended their relationship. I still wonder why they didn't make up after his son died. Commander of the Army was a great place to be if you wanted to be President.


Hercules Mulligan said...

Hi OFT. Glad to see you drop by.

No, I have never read the quote by Adams you mentioned. Do you know the date of the statement? If so, may I see it?

I have a little bit of interest in their relationship, myself, since I think that they were of somewhat kindred spirits.

Adams may not have heard of Philip Hamilton's death. But if he had, he may have just let well enough alone. I don't think he and Hamilton had ever been closely acquainted before the rift in their relationship got going. Each seemed to hold a distant respect for the other, although they noticed each other's faults. Adams even got his troublesome son Charles a job as a clerk in Hamilton's law firm in 1795, probably in hopes that it would help the boy shape up. Unfortunately, Charles was too far gone to be improved, it seems.

Anyway, more on this later.

I don't think that Hamilton had any intentions on being President. Hamilton was actually considering withdrawing from public life as soon as possible, at about that same time. But, he felt the pressure of the nation's on-coming calamities calling him to stay in public life. He died before he was able to do all the things he dreamed of doing in his "retirement."

As far as Hamilton and Adams patching things up, I did find an interesting tidbit of information in John C. Hamilton's "History of the Republic" volume 7 (pages at Google Books -- link to it on my Hamilton Patriot sidebar).

John basically explained that Hamilton, in the last precious days he had before his duel with Burr, decided to gather some old friends around him for the last time at his home, The Grange. Among the honored guests were John Adams' only daughter, Abigail Adams Smith, and her husband William. John said that perhaps Hamilton's intention "was to evince to the late president his desire to part with him in peace." This was a silent overture, and I don't think Adams was ever made aware of it, but I think that Hamilton died without holding any grudges.

Anyway, when I write my book, I will probably discuss this in further detail.

And btw, don't let Jon's comments about your writing get to you. At least that is an area that is easy to improve in. I am still open to improving my own. I think that your content will be great. Right now, that is all that matters. The particulars of composition and grammar can be examined when the rough draft is done, and there are some great textbooks that can really help (they've helped me much).

Well, I would love to share much more with you, but I am out of time. Hope to see you around again. Until then,

I am, dr. sir,

You humble serv't.

~H. Mulligan

Dan Atkinson said...

Hello Mr. Mulligan (great name by the way)

I wanted to commend you for your excellent work. Though I have only read a minute amount of you blog (I am new to blogging myself) I find your site to be very informative and enjoyable. Keep it up. Also, I would appreciate your support over at the site I am currently writing for, American Creation.

God Bless You!!!

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hello Dan. Thanks for your kind comment. I hope you continue to find this blog useful. Thanks for stopping by and for reading.

God bless.

Dan Atkinson said...

Hercules Mulligan:

If you get a free moment, stop by my blog (God and the Founding). I've linked a couple of your sites there. Also, I would love your help over at American Creation. two voices for truth are better than one and I could use another brother in Christ to help me fend off the attacks!

Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson said...

Mr. Mulligan:

I'd like to invite you to check out my newest post on my blog. I have some interesting info on the validity of the George Washington Prayer Journal.

God Bless!