Friday, January 2, 2009

FFQF: The Humor of Alexander Hamilton (or, of James McHenry!)

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FFQF: The Humor of Alexander Hamilton (or, of James McHenry!)


Mrs. Mecomber said...

It sounds all the mosr hilarious when read aloud, in an aristocratic, pseudo-British accented voice.

LOL! That Hamilton had razor-sharp wit. Like a paper cut, sometimes you could countinue reading before you realized how sharp he was being!

Great quote! I look forward to more! :D

Hercules Mulligan said...

LOL, you're right, Mrs. M! I enjoy doing it at home. :)

Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

I can't wait to post more! This month is going to be fun!

Happy FFQF!

akaGaGa said...

Okay, Herky, it's time for my confession - I don't think it's funny. I mean, I understand what he's saying, and it's kinda cute, I suppose, but it just doesn't strike my funny bone. There, my secret has been exposed.

I think maybe I have a funny-bone defect - I don't think Monty Python is funny, either.

Hercules Mulligan said...

Ah! I see. But here is a confession from me in return: I suppose I am easily amused. (My family sure says I am. Maybe it was just my funny semi-British accent ...)

Oh, and another confession ... I have no idea what Monty Python is. I guess I am ultra-non-culturized. Although, my guess is, that if I knew what it was, I wouldn't think it was funny either.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll manage to get a chuckle out of a lady with a non-ticklish funny-bone. Somehow. Hee.

Well, Mrs. Mecomber submitted her entry. Maybe she has the key. :D

Hope to see around.

Your humble servt.